Why I believe in God and the afterlife now


As always, I believe reason is the light of guidance. And I have not abandoned rational thinking. In fact it is my reliance on reason that is leading me to new levels of understanding.

Yes I am undergoing yet another major change in my thinking. I am happy to know that I am capable of that and that my mind is not fossilized.

Going against the commonly held beliefs is not easy. Even more difficult is to go against one’s own convictions. History shows that commonly held beliefs are often wrong. Anytime you find yourself in the majority, it is time that you question your beliefs because chances are they are outdated.  When an idea becomes popular, it is likely that it is already obsolete.

What we take as self-evident today was once a heresy. Their proponents were ridiculed, persecuted and even killed.  Think of Galileo and Jordano Bruno. To this day, there are people who cannot accept the concept of evolution. Truth is often earth shattering.  But truth is also evolving. Knowledge is never ending.

I welcome change. I was a believer before I became an atheist and now I am coming to the realization that God is real.  I don’t want to change your belief, but to answer your questions and explain why I am no longer an atheist.

The word belief is a bit misleading. It often means accepting a proposition without evidence. I probably should call myself a gnostic, because I think I know God. Not fully, but enough to know He is real.  If a belief is not backed by reason and/or evidence it may or may not be true. One should not put all his trust on such belief.

Is there any evidence for the existence of God?  If there is, it is not undeniable. But there is enough evidence for the existence of soul.  Once we can prove the existence of soul, it is not difficult to deduce that God also exists.

By soul I mean consciousness. Spirit is also the same thing. So when I talk about soul or spirit, I am talking about consciousness.

What is consciousness?  It is the part of you that thinks, feels, is aware of itself and of the sensations in your body and of your surroundings. Your consciousness is you – not your body parts. Your brain is also an organ in your body.  You are the one who is aware of them.

Now the $64,000 question: Is consciousness a function of the brain or is it independent from it?  This is the Holy Grail of the biggest questions of mankind -the question that has baffled us since the dawn of our intelligence, maybe for 100,000 years.  If the consciousness is a function of the brain then it should cease after the brain stops working, just as the light in a lamp ceases to exist when the lamp is broken.  Therefore, the belief in afterlife, and by extension God, becomes hocus-pocus. This is the position of the so called skeptics and the dogma of today’s science. However, if consciousness can survive the death of the brain, like light reflected in a mirror that is not affected when the mirror is broken, everything changes. It means that there is a different world with different dimensions, a world that is immaterial, i.e. it is not subject to time and space.

All scientific discoveries are made by first observing an unexplainable phenomenon and then trying to make sense of it. It is by trying to understand the unexplained that science is created.  If every phenomenon can be explained with known physical laws, then there is no need to postulate a non physical world.  However, if we observe unexplainable phenomena, we have to find a different explanation for their occurrences.

For thousands of years, philosophers have debated about the question of soul to no avail.  There was not enough evidence to settle the argument.  Those who died didn’t come back to tell us about it. However, since 1970s the advances in medicine have allowed doctors to resuscitate patients that are clinically dead. Clinically dead means they have no pulse, no respiratory movement and no corneal reflex.

Many of these resurrected patients awaken with very strange stories.  They claim that they were conscious during the operation and out of their body, hovering above the doctors’ head and from that vantage point they could see and hear what everyone was doing and saying.  The skeptics explain that when the brain is deprived of oxygen it hallucinates.  This is just their theory.  It is a very irrational explanation, but let us give them the benefit of doubt.  It still does not explain the fact that the experiences of many of these patients are verifiable.  There are hundreds of stories of NDE on Youtube. The following are only those that have been verified.

To understand what I mean I invite you to watch the following videos. They prove  that out of body experience is a real phenomenon and not a trick of the mind.  There are no explanations for these phenomena other than the fact that consciousness exists independent from the brain.

Pam Raynolds saw the operation being performed on her and described the surgery instruments. She reported accurately the conversation of the doctor operating on her.


Al Sullivan went under surgery and reported seeing his doctor flapping his arms. This is a  habit of  Dr. Takata.  There is no way he could have seen this with his head eyes.


Dr. Loyd Rudy, a famous cardiac surgeon testifies that one of his patients, after surgery reported seeing and hearing things while he was clinically dead. He claims such cases are fairly common.


A woman dies under surgery,  leaves her body and while floating, she sees a tennis shoe on the a window seal of  the third floor of the hospital.   To convince the skeptic nurses that she could see them while unconscious she tells them to go and search for the tennis shoe. The shoe was found exactly where she said they would with all the descriptions.


A born blind woman dies and sees for the first time while in spirit.


A patient who was brought to hospital unconscious after suffering a heart attack recognizes the nurse who took his denture and knew where she put it, something that was impossible for him to see.


A 3 year old boy dies and meets his older sister in heaven. He had never been told that his mother had a miscarriage.


A Russian dissident is killed by KGB and taken to the morgue. He comes out of his body and sees his friend’s baby crying. He talks to her telepathically and finds out that she has a broken hip.  When he comes back to life, he tells his friend about it.  An  X ray shows the baby’s hip is fractured.


A two years old boy remembers who he was a marine during the WWII whose plane was shot down by the Japanese. He names his friends of his past life.   His parents find his story matches the story of a marine shot down by the Japanese and also locate his past life friend who is still alive. The child has information that is impossible for him to have.


This woman died and not only saw her doctor and heard him praying for her silently, which he confirmed, she met a man whom she thought was her guardian angel. The amazing thing is that her sister who was praying in the chapel also saw the same man telling her not to worry as her sister is going to be okay.


This doctor says that one of her patients who died and was resuscitated said she read and remembered the serial number on top of the respirator.  When they checked, the 12 numbers matched.  The respirator is 7 feet tall. Only someone looking down from the ceiling could see it.


Dr. Eban Alexander died and in the other world met a beautiful woman as his spirit guide whom he did not recognize. When he came back, he knew he was an adopted child and searched his birth family. All are alive except his sister who died at the age of 36. When he saw her picture he recognized her as the spirit guide in his NDE.


This little girl is drowned and is brought to hospital unconscious.  She flat lines (dies) and her doctor succeeds to resuscitate her.  When she comes out of her coma, she shocks her doctor by recognizing him and saying correctly that after the operation he took her to another room.


These and many other stories like these convinced me that NDE is real, not imagined or hallucinatory.   I needed overwhelming evidence and these are. But if you are still not convinced, nothing will convince you. Materialism is also a faith.  I am committed to truth, not to any belief. That is my priority. You should decide what is your priority.

The above stories prove that consciousness is independent from the body. This means everything we know about the universe is wrong.  From an emotional point of view I understand why some people would choose not to believe in the evidence provided. From an intellectual point of view there is no justification for denial. It is dishonesty.

This means that we have to start from scratch and try to redefine the world. We must find an explanation for OBE.  How is such a thing is possible?  If OBE is true, it means we know nothing about reality. For many, this is a hard pill to swallow.

Memory is a part of consciousness.  It is better understood than consciousness. So let us talk about memory. We are told that memory is stored in the brain in the same way that the memory in a computer is stored on RAM chips and on hard disks.  Is this theory correct?  Thousands of cases of out of body experiences tell us that memory is not stored in the brain.  If memory can function outside the brain it follows that it is not stored in it.  So where is the memory stored?

In the 1920s the behavioral psychologist Karl Lashley conducted a now famous series of experiments in an attempt to identify the part of the brain in which memories are stored. He trained rats to find their way through a maze, and then made lesions in different parts of the cerebral cortex in an attempt to erase what he called the “engram,” or the original memory trace. Lashley failed to find the engram — his experimental animals were still able to find their way through the maze, no matter where he put lesions on their brains. He therefore concluded that memories are not stored in any single area of the brain, but are instead distributed throughout it.

Lashley’s experiment proves that memory is not in a specific part of the brain. He then assumed that it must be distributed throughout the brain. Was he right?

New findings have made some to believe that memory is also stored in the heart. One interesting case is about an 8-year-old girl who had received a heart transplant from a 10-year-old girl that had been murdered, began to have nightmares about the donor’s murderer. After several consultations with a psychiatrist, it was decided that the police should be notified. The 8-year-old recipient was able to identify key clues about the murder, including who the murderer was, when and how it happened, and even the words spoken by the murderer to the victim. Amazingly, the entire testimony turned out to be true and the murderer was convicted for his crime. You can read about more such cases here or by searching “heart memory”.

It is not just the heart. Some organ transplant recipients report that after the transplant, they have started having memories that do not relate to their own experiences. This has led some researchers to hypothesize that memory is stored in all cells. They call this cellular memory.

These are all hypotheses. The truth may be shockingly different. What if memory is not in the body at all? What if the body is not just a biological machine, as it is believed to be today, but a receiver, like a radio or a television? What if consciousness is not a function of the brain, but a field of energy that engulfs the brain and makes it work, much like a driver in a car? Well these are also hypotheses. But is there any evidence to support them?

Neuroscientist John Hynes has made a startling discovery that our brain is activated seconds before we decide to do something.  The experiment is simple, but the implication is earth shattering.  Because Hynes, like most people today, thinks we are our body, he thinks someone (a separate eye) or something else is making our decisions subconsciously for us over which we have no control and that the belief that we make our decisions is an illusion   Watch this video. Very interesting.



Scientists are finding the pieces of the puzzle but they can’t put them together. They come up with bizarre hypotheses and absurd theories to explain them. They can’t put them together because they are not willing to accept the fact that consciousness can exist independent of the body.  To acknowledge this is heresy.  But this heresy can answer, if not all, most of our questions. For example, how can organs and limbs have memory?  They don’t. But every cell in our body is a receiver and is tuned to a particular consciousness. So if you have an organ from another person in your body, That organ is still tuned to that consciousness and to its memories. That explains why organ recipients acquire the characteristics of their donors. .

Read the case of American Sonny Graham, who received the heart of Terry Cottle, who had shot himself in the head.  After the transplant in 1995 Mr. Graham met Mr. Cottle’s widow Cheryl, falling in love and marrying her. Twelve years later Mr. Graham picked up a gun and shot himself in the throat, leaving Cheryl a widow for the second time grieving for husbands who had shared a heart.Search “heart memory” and you’ll fine many amazing stories like this.

The question raised by Hayes can also be answered.  It is not “an unconscious mass and  gray matter over which we have no control” that makes our decisions. Decisions are made by our own consciousness.  Haynes calls it the sub conscious mind. He is correct. The subconscious mind is in control of the conscious mind. The subconscious mind and the conscious mind make our consciousness.  The consciousness is not the function of the brain. It is its operator.

Can physics shed some light on this subject? A growing number of scientists are now saying that the universe is not real; it is a hologram. What is a hologram? When you go to a theater, you sit on a chair and stare at a blank screen in front of you. From the wall behind you a projector projects some images from a film on the screen. You watch the movie on the big screen, but the actual images are not on the screen. They are on a film in the projector.  A hologram is the same thing, except that the image projected is in 3D. If you care to know how it is done read the following paragraph If not skip it.

To make a hologram, the object to be photographed is first bathed in the light of a laser beam. Then a second laser beam is bounced off the reflected light of the first and the resulting interference pattern (the area where the two laser beams conflate) is captured on film. When the film is developed, it looks like a meaningless swirl of light and dark lines. But as soon as the developed film is illuminated by another laser beam, a three-dimensional image of the original object appears.

So if the universe is a hologram, the reality must be projected in it from another world with different dimensions.   To understand the concept of holographic universe please watch these two videos.


Don’t all these findings confirm the theory that there is a world beyond this visible world? Don’t they drive a big nail in the coffin of materialism?  What is amusing is to watch materialist scientists try to explain the implications of their own findings. They perform all sorts of mental gymnastics to avoid accepting the existence of what enlightened seers throughout the history have called the spiritual realm. Ghosts and spirits are for the superstitious and for those with weak minds, they say.  Rational people should not talk about such things.  But this dogma, like all dogmas, is falling apart. A strong mind is not afraid of change. It is the weak mind that rejects the evidence because it fears change.  The skeptics are entitled to their opinions, but not to their facts. Actually they are not skeptic at all. Will they ever question their own dogmas? If the hallmark of skepticism is the ability to question other people’s beliefs, this is what everyone does.  So what puts them apart form the religious fanatics whom they so love to disparage?


Does God Exist?

Now that we know consciousness is not a function of the brain what can we say about God? Is there any evidence that an intelligent being has created the universe?

The answer to this question depends on what you mean by creation. If you mean creationism or intelligent design, the answer is no. Evolution of species is observable and the process is through natural selection. We don’t see the hand of God in the evolution. The world churns following the laws of physics and evolution takes place through a defined process.

Creationists don’t deny the evolution. They accept that minor changes in species can take place. A good example is the different races of dogs. But they argue that there can be no change in kind. A dog will always be a dog.  One species cannot become another no matter how much it changes. This argument is absurd. It is like saying you can go up the stairs in one floor but you can’t go from one floor to another. When members of one species become geographically separated, in time they become so different that they can no longer interbreed. A good example are donkeys and a horses.  They can breed together, but their offspring is a sterile mule. Both creationists and materialists have dogmas to uphold. These dogmas shackle them to their ideology. They wear blinders that do not allow them to see the whole truth.

Creationists want to believe that God is the creator. Admitting otherwise will destroy their faith. Yes God is the creator, but he didn’t create the universe. He created the process through which the universe came into being. The universe functions on its own. God created the laws that govern it.

two-headed-babyCreationism is not only false, it is also blasphemy.  It implies that God is responsible for all the diseases and deformities with which humans and animals are born. If God were the creator, he would be a faulty one or a negligent creator.  And why wouldn’t he fix his errors?  So he must be also an irresponsible and callous God unworthy of worship.  It is this primitive definition of God that puts off many from God.  But the creationists don’t want to ponder on questions for which they don’t have an answer. The same is true with fanatical atheists. We can change our beliefs, but not our nature.  Dogmatic people are dogmatic irrespective of what they believe.

Physicists are wondering why the fundamental laws of physics and the universal constants are so fine-tuned.  They are so fine-tuned that according to Susskind it appears that an intelligent being had us humans in mind when he devised them.  However, Susskind is not willing to admit the existence of God.

It is important that we understand the question of fine-tuning, and I urge you to do that specially if you have problem with the concept of God.  Please watch this video before you proceed:


The belief in God does not endorse creationism. Einstein believed in God, but he was not a creationist. God is the creator of the laws that govern the universe, not the creator of every Tom, Dick and Harry.

This subject is vast. It is worthy of a book, but let me stop. Considering the fact that you had to spend a considerable amount of time watching the videos, (You did watch them, didn’t you?) I will close my article here. I believe I have made my point clearly. I have not deviated from reason nor did I dabble into occult and mysticism. I hope this article will whet your interest to investigate this subject further.

I believe humanity is at the verge of its spiritual awakening. The future of mankind  is bright and beautiful. The division between science and spirituality is about to disappear. The train of science will be put in the right track and we will achieve things that are impossible to fathom today, such as traveling to other planets and galaxies without navigating through the space.  We will be able to connect with the invisible world and the source of all knowledge at will. Wars will end as humans will come to discover their oneness.  Instead of hate, love will reign. Justice will prevail as everyone will realize our individuality is only a mirage. We are drops of one ocean, leaves of one tree and rays of one sun. What we do to others we do it to ourselves. Others are also us.


ALL THANKS TO  @ALI SINA-  www.faithfreedom.org


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