Alabama Muslim pleads guilty to jihad terror charge, said goal of Islam was to take over the world through jihad

Alabama Muslim pleads guilty to jihad terror charge, said goal of Islam was to take over the world through jihad

mohammad-abukhdairjpg-e8882fb7e2b24bff.jpgHe understands the greatness of a jihad in the U.S., man


Where did Abukhdair get the crazy idea that Islam’s goal was to take over the world through jihad? Was he reading the writings of greasy Islamophobes?

“Terrorism defendant pleads guilty in Mobile; talked of waging ‘jihad’ in United States,” by Brendan Kirby in, August 6 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

MOBILE,Alabama – A Syracuse, New York, native pleaded guilty Tuesday to a terrorism charge, admitting that he moved here and discussed carrying out violent acts in the United States before settling on a plot to join a jihadist movement overseas.Mohammad Abdul Rahman Abukhdair, 25, had been scheduled to go on trial later this year. On the day of his pretrial conference Tuesday, the defendant switched his plea to guilty.

Federal prosecutors have agreed to recommend a 15-year prison sentence for the charge of conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists. They will ask U.S. District Judge Kristi DuBose to dismiss a passport fraud charge.

The plea comes four months after co-defendant Randy “Rasheed” Wilson, pleaded guilty in the case. Both men now will be sentenced in December.

Although the defendants ultimately agreed to fight for Islam in Africa, court records indicate that Abukhdair initially favored terrorism at home. At one point, during a conversation about AQI – al-Qaida in Iraq – Abuhkdair suggested he and Wilson would be AQUSA – al-Qaida in the United States.

I don’t know if you guys understand the greatness of a jihad operation in the United States, man,” he told Wilson and an undercover FBI agent in February of last year, according to a partial transcript of the conversation.

Abukhdair told the agent that an Egyptian sheik was wrong to suggest that he give up jihad for a more peaceful form of proselytizing known as “dawah.”The goal of Islam, the defendant said, was to take over the world, and the means of achieving that goal was the sword of jihad.

The recorded conversations indicate that Abukhdair suggested taking hostages and demanding the release of Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman, the so-called “Blind Sheik” implicated in a 1993 bombing at the World Trade Center; and Aafia Siddiqui, a scientist serving an 86-year prison sentence for assault with intent to murder investigators who were interrogating her in 2008.

“We just shoot it out with police,” Abukhdair said on Feb. 3 of last year, according to his plea document.

And if U.S. officials did not comply with their demands, the defendant said,“Well, at the very least, we kill them all.”

According to the plea agreement, Abukhdair was living in Alexandria, Egypt, in 2010 when he met Wilson online. The two struck up a friendship, and Wilson told his new friend that he had grown up with Omar Shafik Hammami, a Daphne native who went to Somalia to join a hardline Islamist group fighting the U.S.-backed government.

Wilson, a convert to Islam, was born in Mobile and spent part of his childhood in Birmingham before moving back to his hometown.

Abukhdair spent nearly two months in an Eyptian [sic] jail after authorities there arrested him in November 2010 on suspicion of connections to terrorist activities, and then deported him to the United States at the beginning of the following year.

According to the plea agreement, Wilson and Abukhdair worked out their plan between September 2011 and December, when authorities arrested them as they tried to leave for Africa.

After agreeing on a foreign target, Abukhdair and Wilson spent months trying to decide the best one. Court records indicate that they considered a number of potential countries in the Muslim world throughout 2011, rejecting each one for various reasons.

As they finalized their plans, according to court records, Wilson and Aubukhdair took steps to throw investigators off their trail. One of their moves involved opening a Mobile fragrance store in March 2012 in an attempt to convince the FBI that they had abandoned their plans.

That came a month after they threw their computers and other electronic devices into Mobile Bay.

Wilson and Abukhdair finally settled on Mauritania because of its proximity to Mali, where they expected violence to break out, according to prosecutors….

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 Abdul Malik | August 7, 2013 1:05 AM | Reply

USA is suffering because of its own meddling in other country affairs.

You are suffering from the mental illness called Islam, Abdul. Ponder this one for a second or two: If Islamic supremacists like this idiot are indeed doing so because of the USA’s meddling in other countries’ affairs, then why exactly are all those thousands of other Islamic supremacists in countries like Yemen and Pakistan and Iraq and Afghanistan and all those counties in Africa — indeed, in EVERY SINGLE MUSLIM MAJORITY COUNTRY ploting and waging violent murderous jihad against their own countrymen? In every single muslim majority country it is exactly the same. Now why is that, Abdul? Has your little inbred brain exploded yet?

Jeez he looks like a baboon …

And that’s an insult to the baboons – man! 😉


Looks like a baboon…stones like a baboon!

“I saw a she-monkey surrounded by a number of monkeys. They were all stoning it, because it had committed illegal sexual intercourse. I too, stoned it along with them.” Bukhari, 5.58.188

And you, as most of muslimas are suffering from Muhammad syndrome. Was it USA that created chaos in Somalia in 1991?

“… said goal of Islam was to take over the world through jihad”

Allah & his terrorist organization Islam (3:151, 59:2, 8:12, 8:59/60) will conquer (61:8/9) & dominate (2:193, 8:39, 5:17, 9:29-33) the world

… by infiltration from within & attack from without

“… Sword-jihad is a religious obligation laid on Muslims by Allah (2:216). …”

Terrorist#1 Allah, 3:151 “Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers”

Oh, maaaan! 😀

Wherever they are, jihadists in London, Mobile, Boston or Gaza say the same things!

Have they been learning jihad from Robert Spencer and Pam Geller?

Don’t these jihadists realize that Mohammed’s genocides in the Sira and hadiths and those of his pioneering followers were ‘MISTAKES’???

Yes, Mohammed and his followers were all MISTAKEN about Islam…for 1300 years!

Only we in the 21st century know the truth that ‘Islam is peace’…Mohammed didn’t know that himself!

Abdul, Most Americans are isolationists. Kicking sand in the face of the strong man and threatening a country with assassination and bombings will bring a response. The jihadists have awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve! You are also threatening America and denying America the right to defend against jihad, because you are yourself a jihadist.

Islam’s goal of meddling in the affairs of non-Islamic countries is the cause of the counterjihad. The counterjihad will go on until Islam no longer exists.

Islam is the greatest meddler in human history.

‘The caliph makes war on the kufaar no less than once a year.’

Salah, Did monkeys get married in ancient Arabia? Who performed the ceremony?

 Watcher | August 7, 2013 4:27 AM | Reply

He certainly doesn’t look like the sharpest knife in the drawer, but lets face it, drones destroy.
One don’t have to have a brain, indeed its better if one doesn’t, that way one is more easily programmable.
And that’s pretty much it with jihadist Islamic indoctrination, programming.

What a handsome fellow!
Looks like he wouldn’t hurt a fly!
He’d kill you and me!
But he wouldn’t hurt a fly!
(He might eat one though.)

Why is it that they all look retarded?

You are a meretricious, backward lackwit.

you have no future here.

Go away.

USA is suffering because of its own meddling in other country affairs.

Islam has been meddling with a lot of countries affairs for 1400 years.

Abukhdair, Major Hasan, and many captured jihadists tell us the same story, and few are listening.

“Why is it that they all look retarded?”

Firstly, it’s the dopey Mo-beard and crazy mustache. Then it’s the dopey mentality that awakens every primitive and backward urge in a man that civilization tries to discipline and harness for the creation of a more compassionate society.

Islam does the reverse and turns men into predatory, slouching, slack-jawed beasts.

“Eyes are the window to the soul.”

Islamists’ eyes always seem so dead. Does that mean their souls are dead?

 Larry S | August 7, 2013 9:59 AM | Reply


awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve

A limited mind like Adam Malik’s may well not even catch your reference to a quote often attributed to Admiral Isokoru Yamamoto (but whose authenticity is questionable, even though it likely encapsulated his sentiments).

Unfortunately, I believe you are quite wrong. Today’s Americans, accustomed to a comfort unimagined by the Greatest Generation and lacking any sense of their own cultural identify beyond a 30 second advertisement, would come up with a thousand rationalizations why not to fight. During WW II, Americans were, as a practical matter, united in their opposition to totalitarian powers. Today we lack the unity for that kind of national resolve against those who would destroy us.

Well, it certainly doesn’t help in the looks department that 50% of all Muslims are inbred. Being inbred helps them have an unthinking zombie army who follow instructions from the Imam without question though.

Obama needs to quit supporting the Muslim Brothherhood around the world, that’s meddling.

anyone who wages Jihad is a retard. Period. M

Thank you for your comment, Larry. It saved me the effort to write my own.

Imagine that, a bit of honesty from a death-loving terror-supporting Islamist. While we’re on the subject of honesty, here’s a bit more: There will be no paradise with 72 virgins for this jihadist. It’ll be prison, with 72 non-virgins …

And it is, Abdul, not Adam.

Abdul, in Arabic, means allah’s hemorrhoid and it rhymes with moron. Easy to remember.

 BostonFire1872 replied to comment from Abdul Malik | August 7, 2013 12:07 PM |Reply

“USA is suffering because of its own meddling in other country affairs.”


Really ‘Abdul’? That sounds like the typical excused jihadists make to justify their acts of mass homicide., its always somebody else’s fault. I have noticed Muslims never seem to take personal responsibilty for their violent actions- they either blame someone else,or claim they were just following orders, as laid out in the Quran. Are you telling me the 9/11 attacks were justified? Were the bombing in London and Boston justofied? Your comment was truly disgusting

 BostonFire1872 replied to comment from Abdul Malik | August 7, 2013 1:01 PM |Reply

“USA is suffering because of its own meddling in other country affairs.”
Blaming the victim, the Muslim calling card- just like how Muslims feel women deserve to be beaten and raped, they think women bring it on themselves. Muslims think people who are beheaded bring it on themselves

USA is suffering because of its own meddling in other country affairs.


A ridiculous talking point the left repeatedly uses, as well.

Seems Abdul Malik is a cut-and-run, post-once-and-run, kind of guy. And even if he came back for more, what would it matter?

Way too many folks here at JW like Champ, mortimer, thomas h, BostonFire1872, duh swami, et al. are way ahead of the pathetic “arguments” offered up by those possessed of diminished capacity like Abdul Malik.

Come to think of it, I’ve never heard of a single good argument that sustains Islam. Not one. Still lookin’, just for form’s sake, if for no other, but still haven’t found one. Suspect I never will.

“USA is suffering because of its own meddling in other country affairs.”
What was their excuse for Jihad before USA existed?

 Ruger6shot | August 8, 2013 12:53 PM | Reply

good ol’ USA, lying there like a two dollar whore, letting trash like this come into her and like a cancer, KILL US. I say we must wage our own war against these lunies and send them to their 72 virgins with one well placed 357 mag.

Alabama Muslim pleads guilty to jihad terror charge, said goal of Islam was to take over the world through jihad

“Abdul Malik” wrote:

USA is suffering because of its own meddling in other country affairs.

Really, Abdul? The United States wasn’t in Iraq or Afghanistan in 1993, when the Blind Sheik was involved in plotting the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

And how do you explain Jihad in places like Germany and the Netherlands—places with little involvement in the Muslim world at all?

And more importantly, how do you square your meretricious bs with Abukhdair’s assertion that the “goal of Islam was to take over the world through jihad”?

This is a central tenet of Islam.

As soon as the USA came into existence, and before it had done anything at all to any Muslim entity, the Muslims – the Barbary Pirates – attacked it.



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