Kamal Saleem- True Story Of A Former Islamic Terrorist

‘I was so blind that the good things looked dark and the bad things looked light’

imageKamal Saleem

Born in 1957 into a large Sunni Muslim Lebanese family in the heart of the Middle East, Kamal Saleem was breastfed Islamic radicalism by his mother, and taught to hate Jews and Christians by his father. His cousin was the Grand Mufti of Beirut. Recruited by the Muslim Brotherhood for jihadi militancy as a small child, he completed his first bloody terror mission into Israel for the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) at the age of seven.
Like a star U.S. college football running back, Kamal ran important terror operations as a young man in the service of Yassir Arafat, under the coaching Abu Yussif and Abu Zayed (PLO/Fatah). He has worked for, and dined with, Muhamar Kaddafi (dictator of Libya). He has “carried the ball” for Baath Party leaders and military attaches of Saddam Hussein (dictator of Iraq) and Hafez al Assad (dictator of Syria), for Saudi Arabian sheikhs and princes, and for Abdul Rahman (Muslim Brotherhood)

Kamal Saleem fought with the Afghan Mujahadeen for victory against the Soviets… before he and his patrons turned their attention to the destruction of the West – and Western freedoms – through Islamicization.

Above all, Kamal thirsted for jihadic death to America.
He was well prepared: After mastering every form of offensive and defensive terror tactic, Kamal Saleem slipped into Europe and then the United States to make Islamic converts — and to radicalize them, along with assimilated Muslims, into vicious intolerance. He aimed to glorify Allah through “hot war” terror cells as well as the “cold war” tactics of demographic and cultural jihad – ironically exploiting First Amendment liberties to gut American freedoms of religion, speech, and the press. In his riveting memoir, The Blood of Lambs(2009, Howard/Simon & Schuster), Kamal writes of his childhood:
The teaching at mosque was like the teaching at my mother’s kitchen table, only full flower.

True Muslims, the imams said, were to complete the conquest Muhammad had begun, to establish a global caliphate, or world dominance…

[A devout Muslims should] become a missionary zealot [and] do the world a favor and rip it from its sin and lust and idolatry, whether by conversion or death….

We learned Allah would some day judge us….

We learned the doctrine of “AL TOQUIAH- Lying to our enemies for the sake of Islam”.

And we learned that all our enemy’s property – his women, his children, his money, his house – belonged to us. We were to sleep with the enemy’s women and populate the world with faithful Muslim children. “No army should be more powerful than the army of Allah!”

one imam or another would shout from the pulpit, sometimes brandishing a stick or a sword. “No nation should be richer than a Muslim nation….
you must call for Shariah law!”…

I did not know the word theocracy then, but that is what the imams meant.

In response, we shouted the slogan of the Muslim Brotherhood: “Allah is our objective! The Prophet is our leader! The Koran is our law! Jihad is our way! Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope!” ….
We hated the Jews, of course….

We knew that if it were not for America, Israel would not exist…. The truth was that most Muslims saw the Palestinians as a scrubby little minority group, a burden on the rest of us. But their cause gave the Muslim fascists a reason to bark at America.

“In Islam, everything is conditional. For example, in the Quran, there is not one place where Allah says ‘I love my people,’ not once. The word love is not mentioned in the Quran,” Saleem said.

“Women in our (Islamic) culture are nothing. They are equal to the goat or the rug. Her purpose is to be married to her husband to give him pleasure. When a husband marries a wife, he purchases her sexual organs,” Saleem said.
“Therefore, her purpose is to give him pleasure and to give him children. This is the purpose of women,” Saleem said.
“My mom was always sick. We had fourteen brothers and sisters. She was a pregnant machine all the time and my dad was complaining about not getting enough sex,” Saleem said.

Quran teaches that women can be beaten, and eventually either divorced or killed in an honor killing if she doesn’t obey her husband.

“Here (in America) I am finding that women have a voice to speak to their husbands. She’s equal to him and guess what! The husband is listening!” Saleem said.
He says that he at first was “allergic” to Jesus and resisted, even while being the focus of a men’s prayer circle.

“These (Christian) men never told me that I was a Muslim and didn’t deserve to live. They didn’t tell me that I was a nobody. They loved me unconditionally and they put a basket that said, ‘For Kamal Saleem,’” Saleem remembered.

In Islam, if you’re not a Muslim, it’s my full right to take your land, to take your women, to take your children, to take everything,” Saleem explained.

Saleem says that Muhammad commanded that non-Muslims’ property can be taken simply because they’re not Muslims. The process was to continue until everyone acknowledges that Allah is god and that Muhammad is his prophet.

Saleem’s explanation of how Muslims financially related to non-Muslims agrees with Anwar al-Awlaki’s article in the Winter 2011 edition of .al-Qaida’s magazine “Inspire.”
In his article “Dispossessing the Disbelievers,” al-Awlaki said Muslims should steal from wealthy kafirs (unbelievers) to finance world-wide jihad.

Saleem adds that whenever Islam prevails, the property of non-Muslims belongs to the Muslims. If the kafir doesn’t surrender it voluntarily, the head of the household should be killed.

“In Islam, you cannot inherit the enemy’s property unless you kill the head of the household, the man.
By killing the head of the household, the man, what happens is the whole thing is his legal right and that’s called civilization slavery,” Saleem explained.

“Only in Islam is slavery allowed and accepted, so now I’m seeing in their home (the host family) something completely different. And now, I’m part of their household,” Saleem added.

“So the Word of God is walking before me and I came to know the ugly truth about Islam and the beautiful truth which is Christianity,” Saleem said.

As a function of a near-fatal auto accident in that very nation, however, Kamal Saleem for the first time confronted what might be called the very best of the Judeo-Christian ethic: Rescued from the wreckage and nursed back to health by devout Christians, he defected entirely from Islamic militancy — as well as Islam itself. Like Ayaan Hirsi Ali of Somalia and the Netherlands, Kamal became an “apostate,” marked for death; there is no safe exit from Islam – especially for a high-ranking operative of the Muslim Brotherhood, PLO and international Islamist terror.

Kamal Saleem eventually married an American Christian woman. It was not until well after the devastations of 9/11, however, that he “came out of the closet” to reveal his dark past to his wife Victoria, and begin a dangerous, politically-incorrect, yet peaceful public “crusade”:

Today, Kamal aims to alert Israelis, Europeans, Americans – Jews, Christians, Hindus, Muslim moderates, agnostics, seculars, feminists, gays, journalists, artists and average citizens – of the absolutely determined, genocidal forces working feverishly, even now, to destroy them, global human rights, and Western liberty itself. Out of near- absolute, realpolitik certainty that a sovereign and armed Islamic state in Judea and Samaria would yield the destruction of the State of Israel, Kamal Saleem today seeks to boldly warn Israeli and American leaders and citizens against the siren song of a “Two-State Solution.” He also argues for U.S. fortitude regarding Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran, where nuclear capabilities are within reach of Holocaust-denying – yet Holocaust-approving– Islamo-fascists.
imageToday, Kamal Saleem educates state and federal political leaders, military leaders, intelligence specialists, security officials and contractors, law enforcement agencies, foundations, non-profits, churches, synagogues, universities, military academies and receptive Muslim audiences on what he knows of the deadly enemy without – and the cancerous enemy within. He loves all his brothers and sisters of Muslim descent – but hates violent, intolerant Islasmism with a passion. Just as good souls in World War II might have loved the German people while hating the murderous, anti-Semitic system of Nazism that engulfed them, so Kamal Saleem courageously calls upon all Muslims to reject the engulfing, toxic system of Islamist hatred.imageWhat explains such a personal change? Can it somehow be exploited to defend the West in what scholars Samuel Huntington and Bernard Lewis have called “the Clash of Civilizations”?

Today, Kamal Saleem and millions of ex-Islamists indeed embrace the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Jesus and all those of Muslim descent who crave peace: Y-hw-h of the Torah, Tanakh and Bible – not the Islamist’s “Allah,” who like Baal and other pagan “gods” demands the degradation of women and the bloody sacrifice of one’s own children, in exchange for Paradise and 70 attentive virgins.
Like traditional Jews as well as their Christian offspring for centuries, Kamal rejects the Islamist (and sometimes, secular) concept of a worldwide “House of Peace” brought about by forced conversions, fascist militancy, and totalitarian coercion and control. With devout Jews, Catholics and Protestants worldwide and throughout Western history, Kamal Saleem today believes that ultimate “Peace on Earth” comes through a Davidic, Messianic Age brought about by Heaven, not through violent human machinations.

In the meantime, Kamal argues that First Amendment freedoms in America and analogues among its Western allies – as well as the very lives of their free citizens – are in grave jeopardy: A fast-expanding fifth of the world – 1.5 billion people – are Muslim, and a growing percentage of them, perhaps 15%, favor Islamist objectives of violence, WMD’s, Shariah, demographic/cultural jihad… and death or enslavement for unbelievers.
image Kamal Saleem argues that realists must act now, with courageous determination, to run effective offense against the Islamists who would destroy or enslave us all – from Kandahar to Karachi, from Islamabad to Teheran, from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, from London to Madrid to Mumbai, and from New York and Washington to Chicago and L.A.

As a function of his own story, Kamal Saleem argues for one largely overlooked “psy-ops” weapon in the battle for Muslim hearts and minds, and for the very survival of the West: The calculated, methodical deployment by capital of courageous “missionaries” entirely unrestricted, at a personal level, in the use of Jewish and Christian moral suasion in humanitarian, military, security and civil roles among Muslim populations within the Islamic world – and in European and American cities and universities: The USA simply cannot defeat confident Islamist ideology and asymmetric tactics with multiculturalists platitudes.
A gifted, passionate communicator (click here for a sample) Kamal Saleem has shared his intimate knowledge of Islamist tactics and conquest plans with audiences at Berkeley, Michigan, and in the Ivy League; in synagogues, mega-churches, foundations, and the United Jewish Appeal (Aspen); on major U.S. media and talk shows; and with U.S. military leaders, security agents, the U.S. Air Force Academy, private contractors, and law enforcement specialists.


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  1. Nice Article bro .
    All i can say after reading this article is….. where the damn humanity gone. Aren’t they human?
    Why these cheap mentality morons think that they are the only human, and others are insects?
    Islam thinks Allah has given us life to get killed by these ugly bastards. Ask your allah that why there are so many people exists in other religions? Why all the population is not Allah ‘s followers if he is the only Creator of this world”??????? Why he cant stop the population of other religions?????? Cant he fight??? Why he tempting innocent humans to take other humans life??

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