Cruelty, Intolerance & Injustice in Religions? ( a must read )

Cruelty, Intolerance and Injustice in Religions

Cruelty, Intolerance and Injustice in Religions (not all religions)
Here are the critical reasons why I proposed religions should be wean off fron humanity,
( … amp;t=6969)
within the next 100 years or ASAP.
Judaism, Christianity and Islam immutable holy texts contain violent verses that induce and incite believers to violence.
When Muslims commit violence, they said, my holy book said so!

Here’s 531 violent related verses directed to non-believers out of a total 6000+ from the Quran! … /long.html

Here is 534 verses related to intolerance

Here is 763 verses related to injustice

There are tons of violent verses in the Old testament and elsewhere in the Bible.

Links for Cruelty, Intolerance and Injustice respectively;

IMO, the impact of the violent verses in the OT are not as dangerous as many are neutralized by the more humane NT call of love, give left cheek, love your enemies, etc. However there are still violent and intolerant verses in the NT.
I noted that most who defend these religions as mostly good are often ignorant that such verses as the above exist in the holy texts.
Hope readers will click the links and go through the lists.
Not-a-theist & Eclectic Philosophy. Religion is a critical need for humanity now, but not the FUTURE.


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