Live a Good Life Without Religion

How to Live a Life Without Religion

Live a Life Without Religion

Have you ever wondered how to avoid religion altogether? Well, it ispossible to do so, but one must first understand how religion came to be.
Religion was created by society as a way to control the masses in hopes to preserve stability across the globe.
This move began with good intentions, but human nature cripples the idea,hence the reason why religious wars exist. Anyhow, here’s how to live life without religion.

Things You’ll Need:
*.will power

Be Polite to Everyone – This is key in making sure that you yourself are also accepted by society as one without religion. Being respectful to others sets good ground for you to begin your religionless lifestyle.

2.Understand the Philosophy You’re Adopting – This is probably the easiest thing you’ll ever do. It’s as simple as common sense, really. By choosing to live life without religion, you’re also ignoring whether or not there is a god or not. In fact, as you become accustomed to this lifestyle, you will realize that it doesn’t really matter.

Take Santa Claus, for instance. Do you believe in him?
Of course not, but you did when you were little. That’s because Santa Claus was created to keep children happy, just like religion was created to keep humans happy. Therefore, slowly detaching yourself from that connection is key. You don’t need to be part of a religious group to be happy.

3.Embrace Love – Without love, you will find yourself drifting with no control. Love yourself and those close to you. There’s a special someone out there for everyone, it’s just a matter of finding yours. If you already have, then it’s just a matter of holding on to it.

4.Avoid Avoiding Religious People -Religion is a divisive form of politics. The last thing you want to do is add to that by separating yourself from the rest of society. You must learn to walk past a church or even through one without being affected. Just remember to be polite. Never forget your philosophy, specially during the holiday season.

5.Understand Good Versus Bad – Again, this is pretty much common sense. Deep within you, you always know whether something is good or not. You know when you’re making a good decisions versus a bad one. It’s allabout opportunity cost. What you want to do is learn to make all those decisions good ones. Leave no room for bad decisions. Don’t let a possible reasonably harmless outcome, lead you to making a bad decision. It will just create a snowball detrimental to yourself.

6.Educate Yourself Philosophically -Understanding your philosophy is a huge step, but continuing to grow philosophically is very important. You can start anywhere. Go to a library and grab a book about philosophy. Or a book about the greatest philosophers. Or maybe even a book about Einstein, or other people that have made positive change in the world. The key here is to stay away from fiction.

7.Don’t Force Your Philosophy on Others – Don’t make the same mistake religious fanatics make. Don’t try to convince anyone to think the way you do about the subject. This includes trying to force your views on your children if you have any. If you can do this,you’ll be well prepared to living a great life without religion.

Tips & Warnings
*.Don’t expect results overnight. It takes plenty of practice.


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