Non-Hindu students evicted from Puri Jagannath temple

Non-Hindu students evicted from Puri Jagannath temple

Around 120 school students from Jamshedpur were on Sunday evicted from the Jagannath Temple in Puri after it was known that they were non-Hindus.
The 12th century shrine is off limits to non-Hindus.
The students and their teachers, who were ignorant of the temple rule, faced humiliation near the baisi pahanch (twenty-two steps) after a group of priests questioned their religion.
They came to Puri on study tour, sources said. “Though all the students were Indians, many of them were non-Hindus. We immediately intervened and politely asked them to vacate the shrine precinct,” temple’s public relations officer Laxmidhar Pujapanda told TOI.
He denied the students and teachers were insulted by priests. The incident rekindled memories of unpalatable incidents, involving non-Hindus facing wrath from some uncouth priests in the past. While foreigners were beaten up and thrown outside the shrine, an American woman last year cried inconsolably after being jeered by a few priests. High drama unfolded in front of the Puri Jagannath temple on December 10, 2011 after a group of foreign tourists staged a symbolic protest demanding entry into the shrine.
The visitors, many of whom were ISKCON pilgrims, claimed to be converted-Hindus and insisted the temple authorities to let them enter the shrine. Earlier on December 23, 2010, a tourist from New Zealand demonstrated in front of the shrine demanding entry.

universal brotherhood (vasudhaiv kutumbakam) is the essence of indian philosophy and culture. everything is created by god.
then how come differences?


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