Who are Terrorist and Why they Kill?

Tea with Terrorists
Who They Are and Why They Kill?

The novel that exposes the real source of terror … not Osama Bin-Laden, not Al-Qaeda, not some radical fringe group of extremists, but Islam itself.
On September 11, America was forced to wake up and face a new enemy. With flags waving and righteous indignation burning in our hearts, we marched out to wage war on terror. There was only one problem: we had no idea who we were fighting, or why.
We still don’t.
Tea With Terroristsis a novel set three years in the future. Winn and Power have crafted a taut thriller, equal parts spine-tingling action and bone-jarring truth. Its message is haunting and controversial: the source of terror is Islam… not a radical fringe group, not some fanatical terrorist organization. Islam itself.
Winn and Power went to the source, daring to meet face to face with terrorists: al Qaeda, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad – an encounter faithfully recounted in thetitle chapter. They probed the murky waters of Islamic scripture and history. Rich with detail and buttressed with documentation both ancient and modern, Tea with Terrorists may be a work of fiction, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true.It had taken less than an hour, but the attack had turned the world upside down. Nineteen men transformed four airplanes into weapons of mass destruction. America, righteously indignant and hungry for revenge, lashed out. But the war on terrorism had gone terribly wrong.
Now, four years later, the White House is occupied by America’s first woman president, swept into office on the wave of her predecessor’s failure. Though a dove, she authorizes a covert military operation to capture al-Qaeda’s new leaders. Madam President is excited by the promise of having live satellite video of the mission – a public relations coup.But as Navy SEAL Captain Thor Adams leads his international strikeforce into Afghanistan, the mission disintegrates. After surviving a series of disasters, nine of his men simply vanish before his eyes. Attempting to save them from an unspeakable fate, Adams meets an enemy unlike any he has ever encountered, one who celebrates death while praising God.
Adams’ life becomes a quest. He makes America a promise to discover who the real enemy is, why they kill, and what it will take to stop them. Joined by CIA agent Sarah Nottingly, Adams’ search takes him places he never dreamed possible – including falling in love.
From ancient scriptures and tomorrow’s newspapers, Thor and Sarah put the pieces together, connect the dots…and learn the horrible truth.
Truth is sometimes hidden before our eyes. Christopher Columbus believed that our world was round at a time when most thought it was flat. As he watched the masts of tall ships disappear over the horizon, he formed the only logical conclusion he could. Though he was right, almost no one believed him until he returned from his epic journey having discovered something far greater than what he had sought.
So it is with Tea With Terrorists. You are about to embark on a voyage of discovery. Along the way, the adventure will – line by line and stroke by stroke – engrave a portrait of an evil lurking in our midst, an evil almost no one recognizes for what it is.
This evil is Islam.
Not some radical fringe group, not some fanatical terrorist organization like al-Qaeda or Hamas. Islam itself.
In these pages you will learn what Muslims believe, what their scriptures clearly teach. You will learn why their demented doctrine causes them – commands them – to kill. You’ll see what drives impressionable Islamic youth to madness and murder. You’ll discover that terror is the true legacy of Muhammad. And you’ll discern what can be done to save America, Israel, and the entire Free World from this cancerous scourge.
But first, ask yourself one question. Can you handle the truth?
Each of the following statements is a lie.
Do you know why?

*.Islam is a peace-loving religion.

*.The God of the Bible and the God of the Qur’an are the same.

*.We are not at war with Islam.Terrorists like Osama bin Laden have corrupted their religion.

*.Islam doesn’t promote the killing of innocent women and children.i>Al-Qaeda is a fringe group of radical extremists.

*.There is a place named Palestine and a people called Palestinians.

*.Palestinians are victims, suffering under Israeli occupation.*.It is in the Palestinians’ interest to grant them independence.

*.Arabs will be satisfied with the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

*.Our politicians and the media tell us the truth.

*.The world is safer now than it has ever been.
If you are like most people, you thought that all these statements were true. But they’re not. You have been deceived – by the media, by our political leaders, and even by well-meaning but ill-informed clergy.
The authors, however, went to the source. They searched the murky world of Islamic scriptures and dared to meet face-to-face withIslamic terrorists. The bizarre interview with Al-Qaeda, Islamic Jihad, and Hamas terrorists recounted in the chapter Tea with Terrorists actually took place – just as it was described!
Winn and Power have crafted a taut thriller with a haunting message. Rich with detail and buttressed with documentation both ancient and modern, Tea With Terrorists may be a work of fiction, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

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